ArtheCon is a Norwegian Tolkien convention organised by Arthedain, the Norwegian Tolkien Society. It will take place on Saturday 14th of September 2019 at the University of Oslo Library.

We welcome any international visitors, however, we must inform you that because this is a Norwegian convention, most of the program and this website will also be in Norwegian. There will most likely be plenty of people both in the crew and amongst the other visitors who speak English, and some of the lecturers and workshop holders may be able to translate some of their content, however, that is entirely at their discretion and we ask you to please respect it if they choose not to. After all, they have prepared themselves for a mainly Norwegian audience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form available on the page called «Kontakt oss» (which is Norwegian for «Contact Us»). We will do our best to answer.