Rattle and Burn to Arthecon!

Rattle And Burn

We are happy to announce our next guest for Arthecon II!
Rattle and Burn or Vanya Yount is an American costume designer and a cosplayer. She will be hosting a costume panel and judging the cosplay competition alongside Avallone cosplay.

«I’ve been a fan of Tolkien’s work since a very young age, and later my interest in making costuming a profession came from being inspired by the LotR films. I’ve always had a specific image in mind of my favorite Silmarillion characters, and its been a passion project to bring them to life one by one.»

Vanya is a New York based designer, drafter, and costumer specializing in sewing and intricate needlework techniques. She has studied Fashion & Textile Technology at Buffalo State University, with a grand total of nineteen years of sewing experience.